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WHITE STAR TEMPLE BOOK 1 : digital edition

The White Star Temple book 1 is a digital book containing all of the lectures found within the first four MU audio sets. Each lecture has been transcribed then edited into a profound message. This book contains the early foundation material of the WST.

These teachings begin simply then gently build in complexity, expanding your awareness in ways that will change your perceptions incredibly. It is available as a downloadable, digital edition viewable on all devices (.pdf format).



  • Mary: Master of the Stars
  • Portia: The Universe
  • Archangel Kyrael: Angelic Principle
  • That Which I Am: Consciousness
  • Akhnaton: Unconditional Gratitude
  • Melchizedek: Radiance
  • The Cosmic Buddha: Ruby Ray
  • Mary: Separation
  • Melchizedek: Diamond Activation


  • Sanat Kumara: Consciousness
  • Portia: Totality
  • Kyrael: Sword
  • Akhnaton: Levels of Learning
  • Sananda: My Energies
  • Akhnaton: Aspects of You
  • Sanat Kumara: Temple Blessing
  • Lady Nada: Prayer
  • Iktare: I Join You
  • The White Star Temple: Speaks
  • Melchizedek: The White Star
  • Sanat Kumara: Fractal of Life
  • Aspect: Speaks
  • Cosmic Buddha: Going Beyond
  • Melchizedek: How I See You
  • Akhnaton: Divine Chaos
  • The Blessed One: Speaks


  • Kyrael: Quantum Light
  • Melchizedek: A Magical Life
  • El Moyra: Geometry of You
  • Mary: Communion
  • Akhnaton: Energy Field
  • Maitreya: Higher Enlightenment
  • Sananda: Acceleration
  • Kyrael: Sword Meditation II
  • Cosmic Buddha: Honouring
  • Akhnaton: Spirit & Joy
  • Sananda: Holographic Eternity
  • Sanat Kumara: Gift of You
  • Sanat Kumara: Shower of Light
  • Melchizedek: Transcendence
  • Kuan Yin: Chakra Attunement
  • Maitreya: Aspect Embrace
  • Mary: Stillness & Faith


  • Akhnaton: Who Am I?
  • Serapis Bey: Ordinariness
  • Sanat Kumara: Movement & Blessing
  • Maitreya: Initiation
  • Ashtar: Galactic Consciousness
  • Cosmic Buddha: Inner & Outer
  • Sananda: Divine Stillness
  • Kuan Yin: Grace
  • Ganesh: Celebration
  • Maitreya: Expansion
  • Sananda: Eternal Love
  • Akhnaton: Gift of Life
  • Melchizedek: Calling
  • Akhnaton: Future Contact
  • Sanat Kumara: Ruby Ray Activation
  • That Which I Am: Speak to God
  • Sanat Kumara: Age
  • Akhnaton: God’s Gaze
  • Melchizedek: Your Consciousness



    "The book is amazing. The energy is very deep and expansive and very pure. It blows me away sometimes." - John Nagy, Australia

    "Thank you so much for your generous gift of this beautiful book from such an open heart. It is very much appreciated and I think it is wonderful." - Carolyn Loader

    "Thank you so much! This information is what I have been searching for my whole life. It is like the true missing link to all of my questions." - Sandra, USA

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