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WHITE STAR TEMPLE BOOK 2 : digital edition

The White Star Temple book 2 is a digital book featuring a hand-picked selection of the best lectures following on from Book 1 to the present. Each lecture has been transcribed then edited into a profound message. This book contains the later and more recent material of the WST.

These teachings begin simply then gently build in complexity, expanding your awareness in ways that will change your perceptions incredibly. It is available as a downloadable, digital edition viewable on all devices (.pdf format).



  • Sanat Kumara: Your Influence
  • Kuan Yin: Personal Mastery
  • Akhnaton: Light
  • The White Star: Intro & Free Will
  • Maitreya: Unmanifest Power
  • Sanat Kumara: Love & Wisdom
  • Melchizedek: Equality with God
  • Sananda: Reshaping Reality
  • El Moyra: Change & Mastery
  • Presence: Presence of Love


  • Akhnaton: Mastery
  • Mary: Blessing
  • Sananda: Deconstructing Self
  • Cosmic Buddha: Prism Consc.
  • Maitreya: Merged Consciousness
  • Serapis Bey: Decisions
  • Sanat Kumara: Pebbles
  • Kyrael: Ministry, Why Wait?
  • Cosmic Buddha: Arc of Change
  • Akhnaton: Temple Gateway
  • White Star Temple: Exit
  • Lady Nada: Judgement
  • Melchizedek: Interior Ocean
  • That Which I Am: Alpha Omega
  • Maitreya: Stillness & Witness
  • Akhnaton: The Observer
  • Mary: Power of Love
  • Kuan Yin: Heaven & Beauty
  • That Which I Am: With God
  • Akhnaton: Naked Before God
  • Sanat Kumara: Free Will


  • Maitreya: Emissary of the Heart
  • Sanat Kumara: New Universes
  • Cosmic Buddha: Consciousness
  • Akhnaton: Fusion of Cons.
  • Kyrael: How Does Divinity Feel
  • Sanat Kumara: Cosmic Cons.
  • Kuan Yin: Cathedral of Beauty
  • Sananda: Ascended Star Temple
  • Archangel Michael: Equation
  • Temple: Inhabiting Me
  • Melchizedek: In the Moment
  • Serapis Bey: Mandala Realm
  • Akhnaton: Uniqueness of Your Soul
  • Kyrael: Divine Reflection
  • Kyrael: Named in Song
  • Archangel Michael: Expansion
  • Maitreya: Void Within


  • Sananda: God Summons Love
  • Akhnaton: Intimacy of Creation
  • Kuthumi: Heart Portal
  • Serapis Bey: Soul’s Portal
  • Cosmic Buddha: Soul’s Power
  • Sananda: Complexity to Simplicity
  • Akhnaton: Truth of the Temple
  • Maitreya: New Layers of Life
  • Serapis Bey: Your Dimension
  • Alexandra: An Invitation


  • Sanat Kumara: Soul Agreement
  • Akhnaton: Soul Agreement
  • Melchizedek: Ocean of Time
  • Akhnaton: Ocean of Time
  • Michael:Divine Change
  • Wayshower: Bound to Humanity
  • Akhnaton: The Infinite Self
  • Sananda: Song
  • Cosmic Buddha: Eternity of God
  • Akhnaton: Angelic Message
  • Serapis Bey: Higher Healing
  • Akhnaton: Imprint of Self



    "I have been reading your Ascended Master teachings and there are no words to describe their absolute beauty. I am loving every word." - Ethel Khan

    "I am astounded that the written lectures carry the all-encompassing energies of the original recordings. I found myself drifting into a blissful state of peace almost as if the Masters were in the room with me as I read their beautiful words." - Suzannah Light

    "Thank you for these absolutely amazing teachings. So powerful and beautiful - Sharon Argall

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