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Temple Membership

by Soltec / in Community

If you have enjoyed the teachings and meditations we've shared with you and resonate to our overall philosophy, you can choose to become part of our Temple membership and embark upon a beautiful journey of self-discovery and expansion.

The White Star Temple is more than an educative experience. It really is a spiritual journey that can truly change your life in a profound way. The energies, ideas and love that the Ascended Masters and Archangels offer you are breathtakingly beautiful and expansive. Their aim is to help you come into your magnificence and beauty as a child of the Divine and to understand how vast and limitless you are. They want you to become aware that you exist in a wonderful community called Creation and that your place within it is valued and important.


White Star Temple membership is an opportunity for you to take a journey into a higher-dimensional learning and energy experience. It also gives you access to an expansive library of transformational teachings and meditations which is updated ensuring you will always have new material to enjoy and explore.

Like-minded volunteers help maintain and expand our website


  • Access to the premium library of WST teachings
  • Access to the premium library of audio meditations
  • Access to the enhanced meditation library
  • Access to Soltec's audio commentaries
  • Access to the premium Gallery
  • A members-only Newsletter
  • Membership-only events and groups
  • An online WST community

    - new places by request

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