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Expansive Energies

by Soltec / in The Temple

The White Star Temple (WST) is an energy pattern where certain Ascended Masters and Archangels connect with us. During meditation we can access the WST by intending that it be so.

Most meditations rely on us drawing higher dimensional energies down into our consciousness within the physical world. The WST is the opposite to this, instead, we draw our consciousness up into the higher dimensions to be within the WST energies. This allows for a far more powerful experience. As such, people often report a profound sense of expanded awareness while in this form of meditation.

The Masters have always said that the words they bring through the WST experience, though beautiful and often profound, are simply the carrier for the expansive energies where the true form of communication lies. It is through these energies that the Masters and Archangels touch our consciousness and heart.

As our mind is of the physical dimension it cannot retain what occurs in the higher dimensions, it being beyond its experience. It is common then for people experiencing a WST meditation to not hear what was said by the Masters or to hear the words but then be unable to remember them afterwards for very long. This is why Soltec records all of his meditations.

The Temple and Masters are always available for you as it is their greatest joy to be with you and share their energies and wisdom. You can experience the WST energies for yourself. Simply go to our free Audio Library and download a message/meditation or join with Soltec in one of his live, online meditation WST Groups or special broadcasts. Or simply ask to connect with the WST during your personal meditation.

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