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How the Temple Began

by Soltec / in The Temple

Soltec has been channelling the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm for over 20 years and in that time he has run many channelling/meditation groups. His most recent group, held in his home weekly, had taken an exciting new direction soon after it began.

Melchizedek came through Soltec and invited his group to become part of a spiritual university which was to be sponsored by himself, hence the name 'Melchizedek University' (MU). It was to be a higher dimensional learning experience where various Ascended Masters and Archangels would give lectures within an energy pattern called the White Star Temple (WST).

So began the WST group and its journey. Soltec had the foresight to record and document the Temple and its university from the beginning. Feedback from the group and from those he initially shared the recordings with revealed that by listening to the audio while in a meditative state one became part of the White Star Temple and received the same energies and understanding as the original group! With this welcome realisation Soltec could see how the university and the Temple could become available to others around the world, not just his small gathering. To this purpose our website has been created

And now . . . As you read this, Soltec is still hosting his weekly WST group and receiving teachings and energies. Both the Temple and Melchizedek University are a work in progress and who knows where it will lead or when it shall end. Soltec is committed to sharing with you his recorded messages and meditations so that you too can experience the blessing of consciousness expansion if you wish it.

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