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A New

A New Philosophy

by Soltec / in The Teachings

Our world sorely needs a new spiritual philosophy for the 21st century. Though there are many religions plus a legion of new age teaching and perspectives they are often, generally speaking, based on past ideas and energy or though well-meaning assume that you are ‘not enough’ as you are and therefore need to become something else; more improved, more enlightened . . . more.

The White Star Temple (WST) teachings put forward that you are always 'more than enough' right now and have no need to be ‘enlightened’ – whatever that means to you. Why? Because who you are is already beautiful, all knowing and magnificent. It's true! All you need do is truly embrace this idea and let go of any beliefs that say you must ‘work’ at being spiritual. Spirituality is not hard work; it is simply a remembering of who you are in spirit.

Our minds tend to work against our magnificence being more comfortable with what it already understands. What the WST teachings offer is to help bring your mind into agreement with your natural state of magnificence as a divine being. Once your mind embraces this and comes into alignment with what your spirit already knows then your life can be transformed incredibly. The teachings then, are for your mind but the energies and love flowing from the words serve to open your heart and it is your heart that is the only true source of spiritual transformation.

As the Ascended Masters say : true wisdom passes through the gateway of your heart enabling your present consciousness to become aware of its magnificence and beauty - your natural state of being that is right now and always.


"When every soul within existence comes into alignment with its purpose and grows fully into its empowerment, then Creation shall be unlike anything that has gone before. It shall be unrecognisable for we do not yet have the eyes to see the reflection that Creation shall become as God reveals Its true face" - Cosmic Buddha

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