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The Teachings

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The White Star Temple (WST) teachings of the Melchizedek University (MU) are a series of spiritual lectures from various Ascended Masters and Archangels. The wisdom presented within the Temple is an intimate journey into spiritual expansion. It is life-affirming, loving, honouring, joyous, beautiful, nourishing, limitless and multi-layered. There is a sequence to these teachings that gradually enables a beautiful, consciousness expansion to unfold within you.

The Masters never claim that the wisdom they bring is 'truth' - it is an irrelevant concept to them. Rather, they bring only what will assist us to expand our spiritual awareness and lead us into a profound love of self. They have always said that the words they bring through the WST experience, though beautiful and often profound, are simply the carrier for the expansive energies where the true form of communication lies.

We encourage you then, to access our contemplative wisdom meditations and their accompanying transcripts where possible.

Some of the topics covered include : Angels, Divinity, Your Soul, Spiritual Mastery, Mult-dimensional Existence, Science of Love, Time and more.


When Soltec first entered the Temple and started receiving the channelled lectures and energies, they were profound yet spoken simply and easily understood. As time passed it was becoming clear that a progression within the teachings was being made. As each Ascended Master or Archangel came and spoke they would build upon the insights given previously and gradually he was learning and integrating a new repertoire of spiritual concepts that was ever-expanding.

It was also apparent that there were cycles within the teachings. There would be a run of quite abstract, advanced lectures which were then punctuated by a return to simple, heartfelt messages. Yet all of the lectures combine to form a holistic, organic body of understanding that carries the listener forward to the outer reaches of Creation and the universe within. More than this, they can assist you to deepen your connection with the Self and Divinity, coming into a sense of your own true magnificence.

A short while into the Melchizedek University Soltec began experiencing the Ascended Masters as he had never done before. Each master was now joining him in a greatly expanded aspect of themselves. As such, the energies available within the WST became incredibly powerful and expansive, and likewise, the teachings. And now . . . both the Temple and Melchizedek University are a work in progress and who knows where it will lead or when it shall end.

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