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All about the White Star Temple, its history and transformational opportunities for you.


What is the White Star Temple?

by Soltec / in The Temple

The White Star Temple is an inter-dimensional Temple which sits outside of the space-time continuum. As such, anyone can access the Temple at the same time as everyone else and in any location as time and space are irrelevant. The Temple may be likened to an energy-pattern or mandala which supports and provides the context for our connection with those Ascended Masters associated with the 'university'.

While in the White Star Temple you can receive spiritual understanding from the Temple's Ascended 'teachers' within a multi-dimensional context. Each will hear and receive energies and understanding relevant to their level of 'being'.

The White Star Temple (WST) was manifested by Soltec and his Temple group under the guidance of Melchizedek. It stands for all 'time' and has its own consciousness which evolves as we evolve.

The creation process of the White Star Temple is documented within the foundation lectures of our Melchizedek University audio series and you too can participate as the event stands outside of time and so is available to all.

Access the Temple

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