WST MiniBooks

Transformational resources for your personal expansion.

Combining wisdom with imagery for expansive understanding.

Soltec freely offers these delightful digital books featuring wisdom from the Ascended Masters published in themed editions. These are extracts from our Temple book 'Teachings from the White Star Temple 2' (available from our store). Please enjoy these gifts from Soltec. Also available on the iBookstore - simply search for 'Soltec'.

More mini-books will be published in this series.

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    "This little book is beautifully put together. It's brimming with divine gems of profound wisdom and subtlety supported by a wonderful reflective aesthetic." - Simon Hinton UK

    "An inspiring, gentle and replenishing read. The imagery is exquisite and I spent time simply gazing and pondering the thoughts presented. What a treat, thank you." - Camille Kersley, Australia

    "Thank you so much for your generous gift of this beautiful book from such an open heart. It is very much appreciated and I think it is wonderful." - Carolyn Loader, UK

    "This book is a treat to my senses. Visually I travel into and out of the images and they touch infinity - within and without. Short and sweet." - Jaffrey Reichner