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Making a

Making A Difference

by Soltec / in The Teachings

It is our hope that through accessing our White Star Temple teachings and meditations that your spiritual awareness will be greatly expanded and sense of self forever transformed.

The wisdom, love and energies offered to you by the Ascended Masters and Archangels can truly transform your whole existence, drawing you closer to the beautiful, magnificent being that you are in spirit. Once you integrate your magnificence then the lives of those about you also begin to change; impacted by your new sense of self and the love that strengthens within you.

It is a rippling effect. As we are not separate from one another as one person becomes spiritually empowered then all others begin to be uplifted also. It is our personal mission that through the WST we can help RAISE THE TEMPERATURE OF LOVE on our planet - one person at a time. Your participation is welcome!


"Every experience of love you bring in human form becomes a portal to love. It remains within eternity. We see then, how love journeys to your world through the portals that you create and continue to sustain. Every moment of love from every being is forever imprinted upon the fabric of your world. It is exponential, for the more that humanity gathers love to itself then more gateways to love are open. Humanity shall reach the point of a collective consciousness that becomes one open gateway - then God is manifested upon your world." - Mother Mary

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