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The White Star Temple (WST) is more than a learning or meditative experience. Through our connection with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm we have an opportunity to form an intimate friendship with these beings of love.

By regularly meditating within the WST you can call the Ascended Masters and Archangels to you and by divine law they will be present. They know and understand you as they experience the spirit of you within the higher dimensions. Written into your soul is the essence of your human experience which they perceive. Over time you will feel their energies and love which can seem like a beautiful embrace. If you are open, personal messages may come to you.

If you have difficulty going into your higher consciousness within meditation you can use Soltec's recordings as a gateway. By listening to any of these recordings while in meditation the Master's energies become present, uplifting you to the WST. You can access some of these recordings within our free Audio Library or join with Soltec in a live online meditation through his WST Groups or special broadcasts. Or even become a member to access all of our resources.


As part of our outreach we offer many ways to become involved in our online WST community. We welcome your participation. Please explore the options below :

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