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Wisdom from the Angels and Ascended Masters

Journey into a multi-dimensional spiritual university where the Ascended Masters share their timeless wisdom with you. Within the White Star Temple you gain a deeper understanding of Creation, Divinity and your own majestic place within the universe. These teachings begin simply then gently build in complexity, expanding your awareness in ways that will change your perceptions incredibly.

Soltec has compiled a comprehensive series of profound spiritual teachings into two volumes as digital editions for you to enjoy. FREE or by donation!



"I have been reading your Ascended Master teachings and there are no words to describe their absolute beauty. I am loving every word." - Ethel Khan

"I am astounded that the written lectures carry the all-encompassing energies of the original recordings. I found myself drifting into a blissful state of peace almost as if the Masters were in the room with me as I read their beautiful words." - Suzannah Light