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The Ascended Masters

by Soltec / in The Temple

Ascended Masters are beings of light whose purpose is to be in service to us as guides and teachers. Anyone can connect with them through meditation.

They see us as not separate from themselves, approaching us from a position of complete equality knowing that we are beautiful and divine. It is their wish that you come into an understanding of your own magnificence. As such, they will take every opportunity to help you experience this.

Many Ascended Masters, Archangels and other beings of light gift us with their presence within the White Star Temple (WST). They come into this higher dimensional place to offer us higher energies and an expanded spiritual awareness beyond the limitations of our own reality. They do not have an actual 'form' other than light even though they are often depicted as human - that is simply to help us relate to them.

More often than not, within the WST the teachers come in a greatly expanded aspect of themselves. This means that the energies they radiate are more powerful and transformational which can be experienced by those of us within the WST, including yourself if you choose to become part of it.

Many of the Ascended Masters that grace the WST may be known to you, such as: Melchizedek, Maitreya, Mary, Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bay and so on. Yet there are beings that have also come forth specifically for this learning experience. These include: That Which I Am, The Apostle and Archangel Kyrael. Plus oversouls of many of the Masters appear including the Cosmic Buddha and Galactic Ashtar. The White Star Temple itself speaks and star beings such as Iktare and Portia make themselves known.

So you can see that a wonderful variety of higher dimensional beings kindly make themselves available through Soltec. We are honoured to have them in service to us at this time.

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