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We welcome your feedback on our beautiful Temple Teachings and your experience of them - thank you.


Ken Turner, Australia

I have to say these meditations are some of the most life transformational of anything I have ever used. Thanks again for your contribution to my life's elevation and acceleration along my spiritual path and journey.

Maggie Ireland, Australia

Dear Soltec, I find myself compelled to write and thank you for the blessing of participating in the Melchizedek University lectures. They are absolutely beautiful and I am awe struck at their profound content and importance. I am also aware how unique a being you must be to bring forth such extraordinary channellings.

Dawn Chapple, Australia

Dear Soltec, thank you so much for the Melchizedek University set, which I found absolutely amazing and wonderful. Words do not describe adequately their beautiful content. I am grateful and thank you again.

Diana Buskirk, USA

Dear Soltec, I have heard a lot of channels and I must tell you that you are one of the best. Your channeling is so informative and spoken intelligently. It's amazing that you're able to connect with so many different energies.

Robin Bee, Australia

Soltec, I was inspired to listen to the channellings from the Melchizedek University and that was a truly sublime experience! Perfect timing, reaching right into the depths of my subconsciousness - deep! Your work is magnificent! An honour and a joy to receive!

Tracey Moyes, UK

Wow! Thank you for the Melchizedek University Mastery set - it's amazing. I'm usually not very good at visualisation or meditation but I automatically relax whenever I listen to any one of the lectures and I feel so positive and uplifted.

Sharon Argall, Australia

Thank you Soltec for these absolutely amazing teachings brought forth from our beloved Master Teachers. So Powerful and beautiful.

Soraya Aboed

I find myself almost always overwhelmed by emotions after listening to the channelings, as if the energies touch my soul."

Carolyn Loader, USA

The teachings are profound and each time I read them or listen to the recordings there is a connection and a knowing which is beyond words.


John Nagy, Australia

Dear Soltec, I am grateful to you and all the ascended masters for sharing this temple and giving me the opportunity to grow . . .The amount and intensity of love I feel for myself and all living entities is growing daily.

Andrew, USA

I have been listening to the first set of MU lectures for a month.The lectures and energies that they permeate are very profound. . .The teachings open parts of my mind that I have not accessed before, I can see the world in a different perspective and even in times of great stress the meaning of the lectures stay at the forefront of my mind and grounds me to a very safe place.

Karla Meyer, USA

Dear Soltec, thank you so much for the beautiful gift of the Melchizedek University set. I listened to all of the lectures and keep repeating them. The energy of the different discourses is quite extraordinary and makes me feel such a connection to all the Masters and to all of you in attendance. I feel so honoured to hear from the Masters in such a personal way. Their love and benevolence is so soothing to take in . . . you are such a perfect medium to do the channelling for the Masters. You are beautifully attuned. What a gift to all of us listeners.

Louis Gebhardt, Australia

Soltec, you are very talented and blessed. Both the content and the quality of the CDs are fantastic! I actually quite often use the teachings as meditations because the energies and your voice are so beautiful . . . I can't tell you how much we all enjoy your beautiful channelings. I enjoy listening to these CDs over and over again and, of course, each time I understand a different aspect of the messages as they are clearly multi layered. You are extremely gifted to be able to channel so many 'high powered' entities and with such seeming ease! The reproductions are excellent.

Michelle P, USA

Hi Soltec, I have very much enjoyed listening to all the MU CDs - they have been a wonderful asset to my own expansion.

Sestriel, Australia

Hello Dear one, Soltec I received my Melchizedek University gift pack of CDs and offer my heartfelt thanks for these beautiful master lessons. I have just finished listening to CD 1 and look forward so much to enjoying each of the remaining CDs - listening in a meditative state. Everytime I hear a lecture delivered by Maitreya I am absolutely blown away by his energy field. I treasure these opportunities, Soltec.

Cheryl, USA

Thank you so much for making these amazing words of wisdom and comfort available for everyone.

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